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Hello, I'm Laura, almost nineteen years old, a Marine Reservist, and a full time student. I'm also just a small town girl with big time dreams.



Yesterday, 7/11 My S/O broke up with me from 5500 miles away… there’s nothing i can do about it nor will it be able to be rebuilt… I will probably NOT be on tumblr very much anymore & i may take it down completely. so thanks everyone for all the support <3
“Hello, I was wondering how being in the Military effects your relationship. Do you two get to see each other at all and do you two get to talk often?”

I apologize for the long delay on this reply - i have been busting my butt working at least 12 hours a day at a new job and have had VERYYY little time for the computer … anywhooo…

Well, we are both Marines so we have a mutual understanding of what our lives are like. I’m a reservist back home & if he was NOT deployed he’d be stationed in NC (approx 1000miles away from where i live).  every deployment is different though because some people can skype and talk A LOT on the computer some none at all and just a very rare phone call… i have been lucky with how often he calls me [because he misses me a lot] and he tries to get on a computer at least once a day just to write me a little something in a facebook message.  it was much easier when he was not deployed because we had a lot of skype dates and would talk every night on the phone… it’s hard to elaborate exactly because every military relationship is different & honestly, not everyone can handle the lifestyle . you definitely need to understand their job and how it affects EVERYTHING. it’s definitely a different way to love someone BUT as always, you can’t choose who you fall in love with :)

i hope that helped, sorry for the ranting on…

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